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Choosing your indoor business sign or signs is an essential part of cultivating a strong brand image that gives your clients the right impression.

When choosing your indoor business sign there are many factors to consider;

  • Does it put the intended message across to potential customers?
  • Does it portray your business in the correct way?
  • Does it show your contact details?
  • Does it clearly state all your services?


Taking these into account and planning your design properly to suit your aims is a good way to bring in new business and keep returning customers.

Stand out with your logo

There are the obvious things to include; your logo – this should be the same across all marketing material to ensure you get recognised and build trust. Logos should resonate with the target audience and through correct design, look the part and relate to your business name or services. To find out more about designing the perfect logo check out one of our previous blog posts here.

sl2 signs internal signage

After you have an initial design, improve it by ensuring your logo is placed clearly and obviously, looks professional and is eye-catching. In essence, your audience should just be able to scan the sign to relate it back to you. This is particularly important if you work in shared offices and it serves a directional purpose to bring in customers.

Include important information

All signs should in some way be informative once you have the attention of your client or potential customer. Think about the key details you want to get across and why these are essential.

Depending on what your business offers and where it will be placed, all signs will be different with different priorities to include. For example; if you are looking for a sign for inside a restaurant you may want to think about whether it shows your opening hours/offers/menu.

If it’s a roller or display sign that’s movable and to be used indoors at trade shows and promotional events, ask yourself the following questions as a checklist:

  • Does it have your logo on it?
  • Does it mention relevant offers/promotions you are running
  • Does it include your contact details and website URL?
  • Does it use relevant imagery?
  • Is the font the same as used across your website/other marketing material?


sl2 signs roller banner

Pick the right size

Choosing the size of your business sign will depend on the size of your premises. If its intended use is in an office you may choose to display a roller or display sign at the front or at the reception desk to welcome guests. Think about what message you want to get across to the people coming into the office as first impressions are essential in the business environment.
If the sign has a purpose beyond branding and will be showing people where to go inside the premises, the size of the sign and the font are important considerations. It must be easily readable and placed in a central location. In this respect, colour combinations are also a top factor.

sl2 signs internal hallway sign

Utilise glass manifestation

Glass manifestation often includes your logo, stylish designs, patterns and texts and looks highly professional. If you have glass doors, walls and partitions you can utilise them for branding space; the added benefit of this is enhanced office safety as clear glass with no markings can be a hazard.

Glass manifestation for indoor signs is particularly popular with agencies and works well if you have a lot of clients visiting or shareholders reviewing the business.

Start your project today

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