Advertise your business on the go with our custom magnetic vehicle signs. Whether you are looking to brand up a car or a van, our bespoke solution will help you get noticed when out on the road.

Completely weatherproof, our vehicle magnetic signs will stay in place even during the day to day use of your vehicle. Printed on only the highest quality British manufactured material, the colours on your sign will stay looking bold and bright for a long time.

Our magnetic signs are easy to fit, remove and refit when required making them a great advertising solution.

Please note – we will NEED to physically see the vehicle at our shop in West Sussex for bespoke magnetic signs. Please refer to this graphic to see if you require a standard or bespoke sign or call us for help on 01403 272544.

Magnetic signs for cars

We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing magnetic signs for cars, it’s extremely easy to make your car or van stand out with custom magnetic signs.

Placement options include:

  • Bonnet
  • Doors
  • Roof
  • Boot (depending on size and placement)

These types of signs are perfect for taxi drivers, driving instructors, or any local business. We all know how competitive industries can be, and this is a perfect solution to quickly and easily get your name out there. The fact you can remove and refit the signs as you please makes them even more convenient and diverse.

Magnetic signs for vans

If you’re looking for magnetic advertising signs for your van, we can help. We have worked with a vast range of companies to create bespoke magnetic signs for vans of all sizes. Signage options for your van include:

  • Custom shaped signs
  • Side panel magnetic signs
  • Rear panel signage
  • Bonnet signs
  • Door signs

SL2 Signs can create a bespoke sign that will complement your vehicle so that you can successfully advertise your business when on the go. (But please note, magnetic signs can only be fitted to the flat panel areas of your vehicle).

Why brand your vehicle with magnetic signs

The main benefit of having signage on cars and vans is that it’s an extremely easy and cost-effective way of promoting your business or services whilst out and about. If you’re stuck in traffic, parked in a car park or on a job, any people walking past will see exactly what your company does and how to get in touch with your business.

Having magnetic signage means you are easily able to remove the signs when needed. For example, if you’re a driving instructor, you can remove the magnetic roof sign from your car when you aren’t teaching, allowing you to use the car freely in your spare time.

Magnetic vehicle signs are also great for promotional or seasonal offers.

Find out more about the benefits of magnetic signs in our helpful blog post and get in touch if you have any questions.

How to apply your magnetic sign to your car or van

Applying your magnetic sign to your vehicle is very easy, just following these steps:

  1. Wash the area where the magnet is going to go with a mild cleaning detergent or soap and once clean, dry it with a cloth
  2. Simply apply the magnet by placing it in the position you want. Although the magnets are strong and designed for purpose, it’s very easy to remove them and move the position they are in
  3. To keep the magnet stronger for longer, clean the area each time before applying the magnet and try to clean and dry the area under the magnet around once a week

Why work with SL2 Signs

At SL2 Signs, we have years of experience providing high quality signage for a range of industries. Our expert team are able to design and create signs of all sizes, colours and specifications, meaning we can really provide you with a bespoke sign that effectively promotes your business.

Give us a call on 01403 272544 to discuss your requirements with our team – we’d be happy to help you with your magnetic signs.

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