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Care home signage is an important part of safeguarding for staff and residents, as safety signs and directional signs provide clear and easy to understand instructions and warnings that help prevent accidents and confusion.

Here at SL2 we have been providing many types of varied signs for care homes across Sussex for years. Whether you need a wayfinding sign, or illuminated signs for personal and communal areas, we are experienced in this sector and can help you.

If you are a new care home, or want to re-brand we can assist you with a complete design, manufacture and installation service of internal signage and external signage. We will work closely with you to provide bespoke signs to match the imagery, style and message you want to get across.

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Making Signs with Patients in Mind

If you’d like internal wayfinding signage installed, we can create these in a way which are suitable for patients with additional needs. For example we can make the text larger and the sign more clear and easy to understand to aid patients with dementia. It’s important patients can easily find their way around and locate key areas in the care home. Directional signage is also great for their families to easily find them too.

Bear in mind that a care home is a real home for many people, so it’s important to make signage that feels homely rather than clinical imagery and branding. With this in mind, we work closely with you to gauge the overall feel of the home and create good, clear signage that doesn’t impact the care home environment.


Benefits of care home signage

  • Helps with wayfinding
  • Helps visitors easily find the person/room they are looking for
  • Can create a homely and familiar feel, helping residents recognise spaces
  • They look nice and can be age-appropriate
  • Glass manifestation can provide privacy
  • Certain signage can separate rooms/areas
  • Clear and concise for patients with eyesight problems, dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • If you have multiple care homes in different locations, brand consistency is very important

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Multiple care home locations

If you are part of a chain of care homes it’s of vital importance to keep up brand consistency across each home. This ensures each home has the same feel, building trust amongst visitors and patients that may possibly visit multiple homes. It is good to retain a feel of safety, homeliness and security in each home and equally as important to build trust. By branding each home the same and using the same signage this will create familiarity which will help patients with problems.

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