Here at SL2 we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of signs for schools. These range from large school welcome signs to internal classroom signs. We supply signs for colleges, schools, private schools, nurseries, universities and more. Please get in touch with SL2 on 01403 272544 or email

Signs for primary schools, state schools, secondary schools, independent schools and more.


primary school sign

Whether you’re a private school or public school, we can help you transform your educational establishment with our comprehensive range of outdoor and indoor signs.

Make the right impression by creating a bespoke, prestigious and dynamic sign for your school. Ensure your signage reflects the schools values and ethos, as well as being attractive and appealing. We can work closely with you to ensure all important factors are taken into consideration including your logo, colour scheme and your school moto if you have one. 

Whether you are looking for multiple signs or just the one we can provide the perfect signs for you.

Types of supplied school signs

External school signage
exterior sign

External school signage is generally large so it can be seen from the road side. These often include an arrow/instructions on how to find the main entrance to make it easy for pedestrians to gain access. Consider the height of the sign and if people will be able to see it. Getting the sign in the right place to ensure visibility is very important.

These types of signs often include the school logo, the school telephone number, email address and website URL too. If you want to ensure the best visibility we do offer illuminated signs and 3D signage.

Internal School Signage

internal school signage

We offer a wide range of school signs, including:

  • classroom door signs
  • display signs
  • wayfinding signs
  • social distancing signs
  • stair left/right signs
  • toilets
  • reception signage
  • window graphics
  • glass manifestation
  • and more

Our classroom door signs are generally made from plastic, aluminium, steel or wood and can be made to suit your colour scheme and logos. They can be cut to any shape and installed for you.

Things to include on your schools signage

School colour scheme and logo
Generally all signage for a school will follow a similar pattern using the same colour scheme (generally the same as the logo colours) to ensure it is consistent and recognisable. Whether it’s for a school notice board or large outdoor sign, keeping signs consistent will help children and visitors recognise important information throughout your school.

Helpful information
Ensure you’re always presenting the most valuable information in a clear and consistent way. Large outdoor signs will need to convey important information such as contact details and the school name.

Indoor signs such as wayfinding or health and safety signs must be clear and obvious, to ensure all pupils and visitors are safe whilst on the premises.

Engaging content

For other internal signs such as:

  • School notice boards
  • Playground signs
  • A single classroom door sign
  • Children’s centres

Making the signage engaging will help to keep children’s attention and interest. This is important to help keep them engaged with learning whilst at school.

Why choose SL2 Signs for your proposed new school signs

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We have designed, manufactured and installed a range of signs for schools. Working with staff to ensure all requirements are met and they reflect the school perfectly.

Get in touch with us on 01403 272544 or email to get started on your new school signage today.