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Magnetic vehicle signs have become a popular way for businesses to promote their products
and services. These signs can be easily attached to the side of a vehicle and provide a
cost-effective way to reach potential customers on the road.

Get noticed when you are out and about with one of our magnetic signs. They are easy to fit,
remove and refit when required making them a great advertising solution. It’s also handy that
these are removable for safety reasons so people don’t know what tools you may have in
your vehicle when parked or stored at other premises.

In this blog post, we will break down the different vehicle signs we offer and how they work.
We have made this handy magnetic vehicle price guide which should give you a better
understanding of costs and help you visualise how it works.

How do the magnetic vehicle signs work?

Here at SL2, we offer two different types of magnetic vehicle signs – standard and bespoke.


We offer standard rectangle magnetic signs that you can stick to your van yourself. This is
very fuss-free for the customer and we do not need to physically see your van for this.
However, a detailed discussion would need to be had to discuss your design, logo, colours,
details to include, etc so please call us at 01403 272544 or email to get

Bespoke signs

For all bespoke and cut-to-size signage, we will need to physically see your van in person to take the measurements ourselves. Please bare this in mind when contacting us we are based in West Sussex and you will need to bring your van to us in Horsham.

Signs can be placed on your bonnet, roof, side panels, doors, and boot. But please note,
magnetic signs can only be fitted to the flat panel areas of your vehicle.

Our magnetic signs are easy to fit, remove and refit when required making them a great
advertising solution. Please get in touch to arrange to bring your van to us to discuss your
requirements by calling 01403 272544 or emailing

How to apply your magnetic sign to your car or van

Applying your magnetic sign to your vehicle is very easy, just follow these steps:

1. Wash the area where the magnet is going to go with a mild cleaning detergent or
soap and once clean, dry it with a cloth

2. Simply attach the magnet by placing it in the position you want. Although the
magnets are strong and designed for the purpose, it’s very easy to remove them and
move the position they are in

3. To keep the magnet stronger for longer, clean the area each time before applying the
magnet, and try to clean and dry the area under the magnet around once a week

Why are magnetic signs a good idea for your business?

Magnetic vehicle signs are an easy and cost-effective way to advertise your business on the
go. They are removable to ensure flexibility for usage. Some waste sites require you to not
have advertising so it’s easy to remove your magnetic van signs to perform all your

Magnetic signs are cost effective

Magnetic signs are a relatively inexpensive way to advertise your business compared to
other forms of advertising such as billboards or print ads. If you frequently change vehicles
or need your main van to be repaired, you can place a standard magnetic sign onto a
courtesy van, hassle free.

If you plan to upgrade your vehicles, but want to start advertising now, the standard
magnetic vehicle signs are the ideal solution to ensuring you can run your business

Mobile Advertising

If your business is local and you want to attract local customers, using vehicle signage is a
very quick and easy way to be seen in the community. The magnetic signs also mean that if
you want to use your vehicle for personal business or commercial you have the flexibility to
do so.

Magnetic Signs are easily customisable

If you have seasonal business or want to change your messaging on your vehicles, the
magnetic sign can be swapped and changed whenever you need. Your personalised
magnetic van signs are printed using high quality printing with vivid colours, ensuring your
company is well represented the way you need.

We can create a sign at almost any size, and shape, for any type of flat surfaces. Be sure to
take advantage of this temporary signage!

Please get in touch with SL2 today to start your fun new advertising project with us by calling
01403 272544.

How big can my magnetic sign be?

We have created this graphic below to give you a better idea of sizing and costs. This may
vary and doesn’t include car or other vehicle prices but will give you a better understanding
of how we work in terms of getting the correct measurements, and cutting to size for your
required vehicle.

small van price guide
van magnetics medium van price guide

What artwork do I need to prepare?

Whether you’re creating your signs yourself or you’re employing professional designers, the
artwork needs to meet a certain specification to be print ready artwork.When ordering a
magnetic sign, you will need to provide artwork that meets the following requirements:

1. Vector format: The artwork should be in a vector format such as Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps). Vector artwork can be scaled up or down without
losing quality. PDF is also a good format to send artwork to us in.

2. High resolution: The artwork should be high resolution, at least 300 dpi (dots per
inch), to ensure that it looks sharp and clear on the sign.

3. CMYK color mode: The artwork should be in CMYK color mode, which is the color
model used for printing.

4. Clear and simple design: The design should be clear and simple, with easy-to-read
text and graphics. Avoid using too many colors, gradients, or small details that may
not be visible on the sign.

5. Proper sizing: The artwork should be sized to the exact dimensions of the magnetic
sign you are ordering. Make sure to provide the correct dimensions when placing
your order.

If you are unsure and need support with your print-ready artwork, we can support you at
every stage.

Contact SL2 today to start your magnetic signage by calling 01403 272544 or emailing

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