Pavement and Forecourt Signs

We offer an extensive range of robust pavement signs for advertising purposes. The range includes A-boards (also known as sandwich boards), swinging signs and chalk boards, all of which are available in various styles and sizes.
The signwedge, classic and switch are designed with a heavy duty PVC base, and the aquabase has a water fillable base to give additional stability. These types of pavement signs are a proven eye-catcher and are quite often the very bloodline for cafes and other eateries. They are very effective for high street advertising and can help attract new customers or promote a special offer you are running.

A-boards – also known as sandwich boards, these are sturdy, traditional stands which are available as chalkboards, or with printed posters inside.

Swinging Signs – this strong design gives you less wind resistance for those bad weather days!

ChalkBoards – is exactly what it says! This gives you the freedom to write your own message and change it as much as you want.

Our signs can be used for car parks, stations, gyms, pubs, leisure and hospitality venues and more. A pavement sign can be placed anywhere from the pavement to your car park or forecourt; whichever position will maximise its visibility.

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