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Top Benefits of Magnetic Signs

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Did you know the average company car does 19,500 miles a year according to the Department of Transport Road Use Report 2016, whilst the average van mileage is almost 25,000 miles a year?

This mileage results in your company vehicles spending a long time driving on the roads, not to mention the time they are stuck in traffic, parked on the road whilst at a client’s premises or in a carpark. During this time your fleet could be marketing your business for you using signs advertising your company.

Branded signs for your fleet

One easy way to put this signage on your cars and vans is by using magnetic signs which you can position on any smooth surface on the vehicle. These signs could be branded to display your company logo, strap line and contact details so they are clearly visible to anyone sighting your vehicle. The magnetic signs will enhance the look of your vehicle and use it as a mobile marketing tool for your company.

Your graphics will be on display to anyone driving past the vehicle, sitting in traffic near it or passing it parked somewhere – this could be a huge amount of people in just one day alone. 84% of people travel by car once or twice a week, whether as a passenger or driver. Not only will your branded car or van be seen by these people, it will also be seen by pedestrians and bus passengers as well. When tested, people had a 97% recall rate of the advertising they had seen on vehicles (Outdoor Advertising Magazine) and 3M reported 91% of targets noticed text and graphics on vehicles so this method of advertising is incredibly effective.

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Effective for many industries

Whether you’re an estate agent, restaurant owner, contractor or consultant you want people to know about your business. These durable, low maintenance magnetic signs on your key method of transport are a great way of advertising. They can also be removed easily from the vehicle if you are using it for personal purposes and do not wish to be advertising at certain times.

The magnetic signs are a very cost effective way of showcasing your business easily on a vehicle so they could be used for seasonal promotions or special offers to help generate business for you. They can be produced quickly and changed very easily so can be kept current and relevant to your marketing efforts at any given time.

If you hire or lease cars and vans in your company fleet and therefore cannot have them vehicle wrapped, then magnetic signs are a fantastic way to brand the vehicles simply and easily. These signs will ensure the cars and vans carry your graphics without damaging them as the vehicles will need to be returned at the end of the hire or lease period.

Interested in magnetic signs?

Whether you have one car or a fleet of vans, you can keep your business at the forefront of everyone’s mind using our magnetic signs. We can help with the design and print and have great experience in the field meaning you can rest assured your vehicles will end up looking twice as good as before.

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