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If you’ve ever been in an office, public building or business centre, you’re sure to have seen the stylish results of glass manifestation. But what it is, and does your business need it too?

What is Glass Manifestation?

Glass Manifestation is a process whereby markings are applied to glass windows, doors and partitions. Logos, stylish designs, patterns and text can all be added to glass and are built for durability. Depending on how the markings are applied, including engraving, they achieve a highly professional look.

Most often, a business is interested in making a quality statement so opts for glass manifestation in their main business sign or simply throughout their office to make it a light, stylish environment to work in.

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Do I need Glass Manifestation?

While it depends on the message and image of your company, the answer is; most likely. Marking glass has three main benefits:


If you have glass doors, walls and partitions in your office space to keep it light and airy, there is a chance someone may walk into the glass and get injured, especially if you have good cleaning staff! Markings can be added in an appealing pattern to prevent this from happening, so you get the benefits with none of the negatives.

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Bespoke glass markings create a successful atmosphere and are a great way to impress potential clients or business partners. As they’re at once modern and traditional, they symbolise an almost timeless feel that shows off the fact you’re here to stay. The patterns or text you include further emphasises this point and can improve your general office decor if they’re commissioned to match.


Once you’ve decided to invest in this process, the options are myriad. You can opt for pre-cut lengths, bespoke shapes and sizes, all down to the specific colours and textures of the markings so it’s perfect for your needs.

As well as being flexible in design and thickness, the glass itself can be coloured and doesn’t have to remain clear. A popular choice for example is a light blue tint throughout the sheets. In short, don’t underestimate glass as a dull or unalterable medium; it can be crafted with similar choices to acrylic.

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So, why not take a while to look at some examples of glass manifestation and see if it’s right for you and your business? Contact us if you have an idea and would like some insight into the practicalities of a potential project.

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