The team at SL2 Signs have years of experience in re-branding business signs as part of a company’s evolution. Brands can decide to change their logo and signs to look more modern and to create a buzz around their services.

Towards the end of 2017, we were proud to work on the rebranding project for United Services across three different office locations in Slinfold, Northampton and Bradford.

Who are United Services?

United Services are a hugely successful textile company with over 170 years experience. Offering a huge range of textile services including workwear and industrial mats and towels, they now operate as part of Europe’s leading textile service company Lindström.

As they have become part of this group, it was essential to update their signs and consumer messaging.

The process

With United Services becoming part of Lindström, the company needed all of their outdoor signage changed. As part of this process, we produced and installed metal built up letters and logo signage at each site.

From a design perspective, it was important to make sure the signage was professional and corporate to reflect the brand, which is showcased in the quality of materials, the size and the brand’s chosen font and colours.

For installation across the three sites, we completed the project to time and on budget with minimal disruption to the business. The finished signage is now consistent across the different locations and reflects well on the quality of service the brand provides.

Why is outdoor signage a top priority?

External signs will more often than not be the first thing a visitor will see, therefore they need to make a good first impression and represent the ethos of a company, leading to brand recognition and loyalty in the long term.

Whether it’s a shop sign, business sign or industrial sign it should be welcoming and both inform and direct visitors.

Our services

At SL2 Signs we are passionate and dedicated to creating and installing high-quality outdoor signs branding to a range of different business types.

To discuss our services, contact us today on 01403 272544. We look forward to hearing from you.

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