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The winter months can cause havoc for your signage, as the unreliable British weather can switch between torrential rain, snow, sleet or glorious sunshine in a matter of moments.Therefore it’s important to ensure that your signs remain well maintained and visible.

We understand that there can be significant costs to creating signage for your business and its important that they do their job, by attracting customers all year round.

With that in mind, we’ve created 7 top tips to maintain your outdoor signage this winter:

Do nothing!

Strange as it may sound, if you have purchased signage that is made for outdoor usage, it has been carefully constructed to withstand the elements and maintain its purpose all year round. However, regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure that it stands the test of time.

Remove rot, mould and mildew

Although it is only wooden signs that can rot, the build-up of mould and mildew on a sign could potentially cause damage in the long term, and are unsightly to potential customers. Simply clean off the build-up to protect your sign.

Protect from UV damage and graffiti

The type of paint used is paramount to its longevity. When selecting a sign, ensure the highest grade paint is used as this can really impact its life expectancy, this includes grade latex, oil-based, or polyurethane paints. Outdoor paints are designed to last and usually come with UV protection. Additionally, you can add graffiti prevention paint, which is a clear substance that washes off graffiti with warm water and detergent.

Secure the edges

A wooden sign could swell if moisture is present, so, if you have a plywood sign, add a metal or plastic trim around the edge so that water doesn’t seep in and damage it.

Avoid water build up on signs

Excessive water build up can happen straight after a typical British downpour and this can quickly damage your signs. They have been carefully designed to repel water, but freestanding signs or posts that are sitting in a puddle could get structurally damaged, especially if this happens on a regular basis. Keep freestanding signs away on well-drained ground and consider adding a trench to permanent fixtures or landscaping around posts to sap up any excess water around their base.

Clear light fixtures regularly

If your sign is illuminated from within or around, the lights used should be maintained too. Take apart your sign and inspect what’s within as water damage could short circuit your sign, leaving you in the dark, or insects could build up making it unsightly. At this time of year when trees are shedding their leaves, you may find they have made their way into your sign too.

Secure signs that move

If your signage is hinged, an autumnal gust could potentially cause damage. Consider securing the other sides of your sign with wire, so that that it remains where it should. Also, freestanding signs should be securely fastened. You’ve probably witnessed an A board in a British high street that has fallen down or moved in the wind, so make sure they aren’t going anywhere by securing the base and considering where it is placed.

Your signage is usually the first thing people see when coming to visit your business, so make sure that your image, your brand and your business looks great this year by keeping your signage clean and well maintained.

If you have any questions about maintaining your outdoor signage this winter, please get in contact by calling 01403 272544 or emailing info@sl2.co.uk.

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